These are your rights in temporary employment

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There are many negative prejudices about temporary employment, such as exploitation and poor pay. However, employees have many rights in a temporary employment contract that protect them from such immoralities. We at Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung will show you what rights you have and what advantages temporary work offers you.

Temporary workers should know these rights

Basically, it doesn't matter whether you are in an "ordinary" employment relationship or work for a staffing agency. In both variants, you are entitled to continued payment of wages in the event of illness, for example, and the statutory protection against dismissal must be observed. Social security contributions are also paid in the same way. As a rule, only the work assignment with the end customer is limited in time, but as an employee you usually have an unlimited employment contract with your staffing agency. You also receive your salary directly from the staffing agency and not from the hirer. Even if a work assignment ends and a new job cannot be found immediately, you will continue to receive your full salary. These rights offer you security and have nothing in common with the negative image to which temporary employment is often subjected.


What you should pay attention to before signing an employment contract

In order to protect your rights, it is important that you pay attention to a few points before signing an employment contract with a staffing company. This will also help you to recognize whether you are dealing with a reputable provider.

  • The employment contract takes into account the minimum wage
  • You will be granted at least 24 days of vacation per year
  • You will be asked in detail about qualifications and health restrictions before you are hired
  • The nature of the activities is precisely regulated in the employment contract

Especially in large companies, there are precise regulations on how to deal with temporary employment. Equal pay agreements also guarantee temporary workers that their pay is equal to that of permanent employees. In addition, there are regulations that limit the duration of your assignment with a hirer. If your assignment exceeds a set duration, this can make it easier for you to transition into a permanent position.

Advantages of temporary employment - your easy way into the job market

Many companies have become cautious when it comes to hiring permanent employees. After all, if a candidate is hired and it turns out after the fact that he or she is not suited for the job, it is usually very difficult to enforce a termination. Temporary employment is a great way back to permanent employment for both parties.

First, you can take a look at different companies. This includes many companies where direct permanent employment has become virtually impossible. This is because temporary employment is a non-binding and simple option for taking a longer-term look at employees. It is not uncommon for a temporary employment contract to end in a permanent position with the hirer. Especially if you have been unemployed or incapacitated for a long time, temporary employment is therefore a good way to find your way back into working life. If you do not like a job, you can look for a new one in consultation with your recruiter.

Temporary work is also a good opportunity for graduates who do not yet know exactly in which direction they would like to orient their professional future. This way, you don't have to commit yourself directly to which task you enjoy. Whether it's for a new start or a return to work, make sure your recruiter takes your rights into account and you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of temporary work for the long term.

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