Temporary work - how to get started at your new job

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Anyone who has themselves placed through a temporary employment agency comes to a new workplace at regular intervals. In order to cope with the new requirements as quickly as possible and to feel comfortable in the team, some strategies that you can apply again and again will help. We at Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung will give you valuable tips for your career in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

How do you get started in a new career environment?

Personnel services help many companies to bridge staff shortages. Temporary staffing can be organized with direct leasing or via master vendor management. Engineers or freelancers for tasks in industry, aviation or science temporarily take over important tasks that cannot be handled by the regular team alone. When entering a new professional environment, always be aware that you are providing valuable assistance. You strengthen the team with your expertise and ideas. Of course, it is necessary to orient yourself professionally and organizationally at the beginning. Therefore, use the first days and weeks at your new workplace to familiarize yourself in detail with your tasks and the available technology.

What can you do to make a good impression on the team?

Good humor and social behavior go down well in most teams. Treat your new colleagues with respect and show genuine interest in the individuals. Use the coffee break or the way to lunch to have personal conversations. Tell them about yourself and include small anecdotes or small talk. Keep in mind that some colleagues may see you as competition at first. Don't give this thought any reason, but show that you want to enrich the team with your work and knowledge.

What should you keep in mind during your first time at work?

In engineering or at a commercial level, it is important to deliver correct results from the very beginning. If you are unsure about an area, ask questions. Clearly demonstrate your desire to perform. Sometimes, for organizational reasons, you may have nothing to do. If this happens, don't just rest; actively approach your supervisors and ask for new assignments. If something is not immediately available, find something useful to do or help other colleagues. However, be sure to inform your boss about this.

What should you never do?

There are a few no-goes you should always keep in mind in your new job. It is better not to do this:

  • Rant about your old job
  • Be too generous with flexitime
  • Cultivate prejudices
  • Not taking managers seriously
  • Complain about the pay

After some time, you will notice how well you have adapted to the new tasks and the team. We wish you every success in this!

Temporary work at different locations: Your new workplace

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