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Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistungen

Dienerreihe 4, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Tel. 040 57 00 64 710

Our placement models.

Flexibility through temporary employment

Temporary employment is recommended for short-term and time-limited personnel requirements. Seasonally fluctuating order situations as well as staff absences due to illness or parental leave bring about the need for temporary work.

In this placement model, the employees are employed by us - this guarantees employers a high degree of flexibility. If the need for additional staff changes due to decreasing order volume or other reasons, we place the employees in other positions.

If the employment relationship is satisfactory for both employer and employee, there is, of course, also the option of employment.

Competent personnel placement

As an experienced personnel service provider with industry expertise, direct recruitment is one of our core businesses. That's why, when it comes to recruiting new employees*, we take care of every single step along the way:

  • we place advertisements
  • we process incoming applications
  • and we conduct interviews.

Based on the requirements profile and the qualifications of our applicants, we put together a selection of suitable candidates. And we are happy every time we can say: "You are hired!".

Find freelancers

Freelancers support companies with current projects, which are often limited in time. As freelancers, they are not employed by the company. If employers need qualified support for a specific task area that cannot be covered internally, freelancers can be used.

As a personnel service provider, we mediate between employees and employers and bring companies and freelancers together.

Our locations

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