Working in Bremerhaven: the economy in the North Sea city

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For a long time, Bremerhaven was considered economically depressed, and the unemployment rate was comparatively high. But in the meantime Bremerhaven is experiencing a structural change and convinces with numerous jobs, good infrastructure and furthermore with North Sea charm and numerous cultural offers. We at Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG would like to be part of the economic change in Bremerhaven and have summarized for you clearly what you should know about Bremerhaven.

Maritime flair in the northwest of Germany

Bremerhaven is located in the northwest of Germany in the federal state of Bremen. Although Bremen consists only of the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven, the two cities are separated by about 50 kilometers. Bremerhaven is located on the Weser River, which flows into the North Sea. Even though Bremerhaven is thus not officially located on the North Sea, the city is still often referred to as the largest city on Germany's North Sea coast. The fact that this is not strictly speaking true does not detract from the city's seaside feel.

Bremerhaven - a city in transition

Economic difficulties and high unemployment rates were long a reality in Bremerhaven. But since about the 1990s, the city has been undergoing a transformation. While the unemployment rate was still 26.2 percent in 2005, it was only 12.6 percent in 2018. Bremerhaven offers a variety of jobs, especially with regard to the port industry. Both male and female academics, mechanical engineers and port workers find employment here. Economically, the Bremerhaven container terminal and motor vehicle transshipment are particularly important.

But the food industry is also strong, as Bremerhaven is considered the most important fishing port in Germany. The majority of the fish catch is processed and delivered in the form of frozen food. Furthermore, the port serves the transshipment and storage of tropical fruits. In addition, the tourism industry, offshore wind energy as well as the science sector enabled new jobs. Bremerhaven is an important location for offshore wind energy. The industrial area specifically designated for the construction of wind turbines can be found in the south of Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven has made it its business to act economically and yet ecologically as well as in a way that conserves resources. This makes Bremerhaven a special port city with future potential. The city is still changing and striving to develop and establish itself as a business location. As a personnel service provider and temporary employment agency from Bremerhaven, we would like to participate in this endeavor by providing companies and workers with flexibility in the labor market.

Bremerhaven away from the working world

Away from the economic aspects, Bremerhaven offers everything that is important for a high quality of life. An up-to-date health care system, numerous child care places as well as sports facilities make Bremerhaven interesting for singles, couples and families alike. In addition, you will find cultural offerings in Bremerhaven such as various theaters and museums, for example:

  • The Bremerhaven City Theater
  • The theater in the fishing port
  • The German Emigration House
  • The German Maritime Museum

The Speckenbütteler Park, Thieles Garten and the Weser dike allow recreation in the port city. Furthermore, numerous gastronomic establishments invite you to take a break after work. Should you wish for even more peace and quiet, the good infrastructure and connections allow for excursions into Bremerhaven's varied surrounding countryside.