5 reasons why you should strengthen your team with a recruitment agency

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Are you looking for new, motivated employees for your company? Then you can either start your own search - or get the support of a professionalrecruitment agency for this important and challenging task. We at Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG are your experienced personnel service provider in Hamburg, Troisdorf, Nordhorn, Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven. In this article, we reveal five good reasons why you should use the services of a recruitment agency for your personnel search.

1. time and work saving

When you are looking for new personnel for your company, you usually face a labor-intensive and time-consuming process with many steps, including:

  • Create requirement / job profile
  • Place an ad
  • Screening and selecting applications
  • Conducting interviews

Not so, if you entrust these tasks to a competent recruitment agency from Hamburg! After you have discussed the job profile, your wishes and ideas in detail with the recruitment agency, they will start searching for suitable candidates for you. In the end, the recruitment agency will present you with a carefully screened pre-selection of suitable candidates, whom you will then get to know better in personal interviews. Finally, you only have to decide on the suitable new team member.

2. cost saving

In the already very resource demanding application process, delays and obstacles that cost even more money and time are not uncommon. With a professional recruitment agency on your side, you not only have to invest fewer of your own resources, but you always have full control over the costs. The fees for the recruitment agency are discussed and recorded in detail in advance, so that you can understand them transparently at any time and do not have to fear any nasty surprises.

3. higher chances of success thanks to qualified specialists

Many recruitment agencies also act as employment agencies for employees. This means that they can immediately respond to your job profile with a pool of suitable candidates who have previously been assessed for their qualifications. The goal of the recruitment agency is a satisfactory placement on both sides. Therefore, great importance is attached to ensuring that the profiles, ideas and expectations match as perfectly as possible. This increases the chances that you will end up hiring a motivated, professionally and personally suitable team member who will enrich your company in the long term.

4. advantages through expertise and experience

We at Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co KG have been successfully active in personnel placement for many years. In these we have gained a lot of experience and expertise, which helps us to carry out the personnel search as quickly, purposefully and efficiently as possible. In addition, we have specialized in certain industries and know what is important here. This industry knowledge and our nationwide networks give us access to a large pool of qualified professionals. Throughout the entire recruitment process, we are also available to assist you with any personnel issues and are happy to share our expertise with you.

5. more time for other personnel tasks

Since recruitment services relieve you of many tedious and time-consuming tasks, you can focus on other important aspects in your HR department. For example, you can invest in creating a more well-founded job profile, prepare better for job interviews and take the time to get to know the applicants better. Likewise, you have more time to provide quality onboarding to give the new employee a perfect start in your company.