Temporary staffing as an alternative to short-time work

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The Corona pandemic is leaving many companies with empty order books, which can quickly lead to a liquidity bottleneck. Current salaries in particular are a new burden on the company account every month, even when there are no orders. As an alternative to short-time work, temporary staffing offers an interesting opportunity to significantly reduce current costs in crises like these in the short term. We at Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung will show you how to use this option and what advantages it offers you.

What is temporary staffing?

Temporary staffing is an interesting alternative, especially for smaller companies with fewer than 50 employees. Instead of registering short-time work with the employment office, the company places its employees with other companies that still have sufficient orders. During this time, the employment contract with the actual employer is suspended, similar to unpaid leave or parental leave. Instead, a temporary contract is concluded with a personnel service provider who places the employees with other companies. As an entrepreneur, you can theoretically also place the employees directly with other companies. However, in addition to increased bureaucracy, this also results in an increased risk for you. If, for example, the hirer is affected by insolvency, you as the hiring company bear the full risk. If, on the other hand, you commission a staffing service provider with the hiring out, this risk is absorbed by the provider. In addition, you can also assign all monitoring and control duties.

Temporary staffing - a sensible option during a crisis

The big problem in crises such as the current Corona pandemic is that within a short period of time, turnover can collapse to a considerable extent. This is offset by high running costs, with personnel costs taking up a large item. An effective method of surviving such a crisis is to drastically reduce running costs. Thus, even longer periods can be survived without the threat of insolvency. Temporary employee leasing offers small companies in particular a good opportunity to save on personnel costs in the short term. This method can be used in an uncomplicated way, whereby the risk for the own company is very low.

This is how you use temporary employee leasing

Instead of registering short-time work for the employees, you let the current contracts rest with a temporary employee leasing. Instead, you conclude a temporary contract with a staffing agency that places the employees with suitable partner companies. This constellation is legally permissible and offers a complete saving of current personnel costs within a short period of time. In addition, there are the following advantages:

  • Less bureaucracy
  • No need to fill out complicated applications
  • Low risk

In addition, employees continue to be challenged and gain interesting insights into other companies. This can bring valuable benefits to your own business once the scheme is complete. Employees do not suffer a high loss of salary, so they also take benefits from temporary employee leasing. Let personnel service providers like us advise you comprehensively on the possibilities of temporary employee leasing. Especially if you yourself have been severely affected by the current crisis, this option offers a good chance to come through the current crisis unscathed.

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