This is how a personnel placement works

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More and more companies from a wide range of industries are turning to external service providers to recruit suitable personnel. The agencies' services are not only worthwhile during peak order periods and staff shortages. Also for employees the personnel agency offers optimal chances to find a suitable job. The personnel consultancy is always the link between the company and the candidates.

As a recruitment agency and temporary employment agency in Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Hamburg, Troisdorf and Nordhorn, we at Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG know the processes inside out. The placement process varies, of course, depending on the individual case, but can generally be divided into four phases. What these are and what you can expect in the process are explained below.

Phase 1: Analyze requirements individually

For companies

A staffing agency helps companies to anticipate bottlenecks and order peaks and to react to them quickly. In close exchange with the human resources department, we clarify which requirements exist for the personnel search in order to achieve exactly the right results. All this is done in a way that saves time and resources.

For applicants and candidates

Instead of spending a lot of time applying to many different companies, you simply apply directly to the recruitment agency. On the basis of a personal interview, they will create an appealing profile with your experience and qualifications as well as career goals and requirements for the company.

Phase 2: Sifting through companies and candidates

For companies

The recruitment agency will start looking for the right candidates for you. From job postings to headhunting to presence at trade fairs: all options are exhausted and promising leads are courted. If there is interest, initial interviews and, if necessary, assessment centers are held.

For applicants

With the help of your individual profile, the recruitment agency will find jobs from its network of companies that exactly match your expectations. You will be informed about vacancies that are of interest to you and decide for yourself whether the position is suitable for you.

Phase 3: Selection of suitable positions or applications

For companies

With the help of informative exposés, the recruitment agency presents you with a pre-selection of suitable candidates based on your individual requirements. Depending on your objectives and assignment, your HR department will narrow down the selection further. You can also rely on the agency's expertise and proceed directly to phase four.

For applicants and candidates

If you are interested, the recruitment agency will establish the initial contact with the company. If necessary, tests or assessment centers will have to be completed for you in advance.

Phase 4: Personal introduction

For companies and applicants

In this last step, the personal introduction takes place in the form of an interview at the company. If desired, the recruitment agency will take care of scheduling the interview.

You see: For both companies and people looking for a job, recruitment agencies save time and effort. With its special expertise and extensive networks in various industries, Arbeitswelt Personaldienstleistung GmbH & Co. KG is your specialized partner for personnel placement. Please feel free to contact us!