You can recognize a reputable recruitment agency by these 5 characteristics

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The main task of recruitment agencies is to place qualified employees with employers seeking personnel, thus generating benefits for both parties. There are now many operating on the market. But how can you recognize a reputable recruitment agency? We have summarized five characteristics that you can use to identify a professional recruitment agency.

1. the recruitment agency takes its time

If you come across a recruiter who only wants you to explain a few basic questions and after a five-minute conversation already confronts you with a result, you can assume that it is a rather unserious agency. Professional service providers take the time to get an in-depth picture of what requirements are important to both the employer and a potential employee in an employment relationship. The recruitment agency therefore evaluates in detail whether the applicant or candidate and the employer are a good match in terms of your requirements. Rather, be prepared for a multi-step process.

2. in-depth understanding of the position and industry

A sound assessment needs a solid background knowledge. A reputable staffing agency should always be able to answer the following questions for you:

  • Why is this position currently available?
  • How many employees work in the department or company?
  • How long has the company been operating? Is it an established company or a start-up?
  • What skills are most significant for this position?

If you encounter a lack of knowledge in an interview, it may be a sign that the agency has not sufficiently studied the company. At this point, both as an employer and as an applicant or candidate, question the professionalism of the staffing agency.

3. close contact and availability

A reputable recruitment agency will remain in close contact with you throughout the entire process. This includes constant availability within business hours, a reputable website and, in the best case, an office as a point of contact. In addition, you can expect reliable feedback from competent recruiters, for example about the time remaining in the placement process or about the chances of being hired by the company.

4. a close-knit placement process

The process with the placement agency should consist of careful consultation and handling. The recruiter or staffing agency should thoroughly educate you on all essential aspects of the particular search and placement. Furthermore, it is part of the job of a reputable recruitment agency to guide you through the process step by step. This is not about patronizing anyone. A good recruitment agency will have taken plenty of time to understand both the position and the applicant, so you can benefit from their experience in the application process.

5. the service is free for the applicant!

The recruitment service provided by a reputable agency does not involve any costs for the applicant. Reputable recruitment agencies derive their revenues from the services they provide to employers.

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